Money Saving Tips for Weddings

25 Money Saving Tips for Wedding Organizers


The average American wedding costs almost $29,000, according to The Wedding Report, a market research publication. That’s more than many Americans earn in a year! The following tips can help you slash hundreds–or even thousands–from your overall wedding budget.


1.) Find a beach or public park with large pavilions for rent. Hire a catering truck to grill steaks, chicken, roasted potatoes, corn and veggies. Most modern pavilions have a power supply source, so you can still hire a DJ or a small band.


2.) Investigate banquet halls that are attached to family restaurants. The atmosphere is generally more elegant than a budget recreation room at the local community center, and the banquet spread at such establishments is often quite impressive.


3.) Choose a reception hall with an on-site ceremony location such as an elegant courtyard or in-house chapel. You’ll skip the church rental fee, and your guests won’t have to drive from the church to the party.


4.) If you live in an upscale community, visit a few reception halls outside your immediate area. Reception halls in working class communities can be far less expensive.


5.) Reception halls are in high demand between May and September. You can save as much as 25% by booking a hall in the winter.


6.) Buy a pre-owned gown at an upscale thrift shop such as Isabella’s Closet in Brownstown.  Also try sites such as and, where you can find gently used dresses at a fraction of the price you would pay in a salon.


7.) Hire a photography student and save an absolute fortune. To find the perfect candidate, talk to a photography teacher at your local community college. Ask the teacher to recommend a talented student with access to professional equipment.


8.) If live entertainment is important to you, remember that non-wedding bands are far cheaper than premium acts on the wedding circuit. Seek out music schools and classical academies.


9.) Cut the guest list. A good place to start is by cutting children and coworkers. If you invite a few people from work, the rest will be offended if you don’t ask them to come. A lower head count translates to less money spent on food.


10.) Cut the number of attendants in your wedding party. Fewer attendants means less money spent on bouquets, boutonnieres, presents, and transportation.


11.) Cancel the limo and use a borrowed minivan to shuttle the wedding party to the reception.


12.) Instead of establishing a bridal registry for gifts, ask guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund. At, you can register for your trip and break the expenses down into gift-sized increments.


13.) Limit an open bar to beer, wine and one specific cocktail. You’ll save a good $10 to $15 per person on your bar bill.


14.) Substitute sparkling wine for champagne. No one will know the difference.


15.) Eliminate the champagne toast altogether. Half of your guests won’t touch it, and many will take a sip just because it’s there. You’ll end up paying for a ton of alcohol that people don’t drink.


16.) Share your wedding invitations through email and save a small fortune on paper, printing and stamps.


17.) Create your own wedding invitations with desktop publishing software. On average, 100 engraved wedding invitations cost $500. With a box of elegant stationary, you could get the same job done for under $50.


18.) Shop the dollar palace for centerpieces. Plain glass candleholders can be trimmed with ribbon, filled with candy or adorned with tiny flowers.


19.) Use small potted plants for centerpieces. They make wonderful take home gifts for guests!


20.) Instead of centerpieces loaded with expensive blooms, try petite bud vases. Each vase can hold a single elegant flower.


21.) Buy traditional sheet cakes from the grocery store and decorate with strawberries and fresh flowers.


22.) Schedule your wedding on a Sunday. Reception halls cut their rates astronomically for Sunday events.


23.) Replace your credit card with one that earns you miles. As you shop, you’ll be earning points toward your honeymoon trip. Compare mileage accrual programs at


24.) Consider having your vows administered by a trusted relative or friend. Universal Life Church ( and Esoteric Interfaith Church (northern are two organizations that “ordain” lay people so they can officiate weddings.


25.) Investigate local pawn shops for engagement rings. In most cases, it’s almost impossible to tell a new ring from a used one.

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