Six Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Disc Jockey


1.) Do you carry a backup system?

Even brand new computers can freeze or crash on occasion. A “proper” wedding setup should include a backup computer that’s plugged into a power strip and ready to go in a split second. For summertime events that take place outdoors, a backup amplifier is particularly important. Amplifiers are notorious for overheating in direct sunlight, even brand new state-of-the-art models.

2.) How diverse is your music catalog and how deep is your knowledge of the classics?

Dance club specialists who spend most of their time working the nightclub circuit may not carry a full library that includes country, classic rock, traditional jazz, Motown and soul. If your host is too young or inexperienced to identify songs that please diverse audiences, he may not be the best choice for a wedding, class reunion or corporate function. Our hosts have DEEP knowledge of the classics as well as an intimate understanding of modern music. Our music catalog spans multiple generations and features many thousands of hits from various genres.

3.) Are you humble and accommodating?

We’ve all encountered disc jockeys who refuse to take requests outside of their preferred genre (usually hip hop). If you want a mix of the best songs from multiple generations, you have a right to ask for it. This isn’t a random nightclub gig. It’s the night of your life, and you’ve spent your hard earned money to arrange it. Your DJ should respect your musical preferences and the preferences of your family and friends.

4.) Do you have experience?

Your wedding is not the appropriate place for a new disc jockey to test his sea legs. Charisma and finesse are qualities that can only develop with experience. It’s the disc jockey’s job to arrange the flow of activity and keep the show moving along at an organized pace. Each individual segment of a wedding should be preceded by a well executed announcement that is delivered with style and flair.

5.) How much do you charge and why?

The “standard” rate for wedding DJ services is about $600 to $800 in the Downriver area and $800 to $1,200 in Oakland County. Lighting is often billed separately. Up lighting alone can easily run $500 or more because of the extra hours required to set up a room and the sheer expense of purchasing the proper equipment. If you’re considering an expensive company that charges between $800 and $1200 for a DJ and lighting package, ask WHY their rates are so high. Chances are, their equipment is no more advanced than ours and their lighting packages are no more dazzling or complicated. SEE SAMPLES OF OUR LIGHT SHOW. The one true selling point is that expensive companies tend to offer charismatic hosts with abundant experience, BUT SO DO WE. Bethany Vale, founder of Starlight Productions, has a degree in broadcast journalism and ten years of public speaking experience. On average, she hosts 200 events a year. Josh Anthony, Starlight’s featured host, has more than a decade of experience hosting and producing variety shows that feature an eclectic mix of Detroit musicians. This is the level of experience you’ll receive when you choose Starlight Productions. We pride ourselves on offering an “upscale” experience at “downscale” pricing. We care deeply about our brides and grooms and their unique financial circumstances. We understand that folks who live in Bloomfield Hills have bills and financial obligations like anyone else.

6.) Are there any hidden fees?

Many companies impose a fee of $100 an hour when a party runs beyond the standard four or five-hour time window. At Starlight Productions, we’re happy to stay up to seven hours at no extra charge. Consultations and music planning sessions are always free, and we don’t charge extra for karaoke services. Our only “up charge” is a modest gas tank allowance for events that are located more than 45 minutes away from our home office in Flat Rock, Michigan. Our gas tank fee is generally $25. For events outside of Michigan, we may ask for a modest compensation to cover motel expenses. Rates for parties in Ohio and Illinois are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.




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